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WarZone3 - World War II edition

Game Instructions (scroll down to play)

Welcome to WarZone3 - World War 2 Edition., and advanced 3D tank combat simulation game, set during some of the most critical European and Russian battles of the Second World War.Your objective in WarZone3 - WWII Edition, is to battle your way through as many missions as possible, starting on D-day in Normandy France as part of the British 6th Airborne, across Western Europe to Holland as part of the US First Army, and then towards Moscow and Stalingrad with the Russian Red Army.


Each level is set during a different time period/location during the war, and consists of several missions which much be completed successfully in order to progress to the next level.There is a short briefing before each mission, which outlines the mission's objectives, provides operational background, and gives warning as to the amount and type of resistance you can expect to face. During combat, you can check the top right hand corner of the screen for your currrent mission completion criteria. Upon successfull completion of a mission, you will be debriefed, given statistics about your performance, and then prep'ed for your next mission.

Mission Briefings

Pay close attention to you mission briefings, these occur before you are sent out on your mission, and they will highlight your mission objectives. Failure to complete you mission successfully will end your game. The mission briefing stage will also notify you of any special combat conditions that you need to be aware of during your mission (ie the presence of friendly tanks in the area, special mission objectives on radar, visibility reports etc...).


The missions take place over five distinct combat areas and time periods (levels). You must work your way through each level before progressing to the next. The first level is set in Normandy France during and immediately after the events of D-day (June 6 1944). You must start here if this is your first time playing WarZone3-WWII. This level consists of 5 missions, and upon successfull completion of these, the next level will be unlocked, and you will be allowed to progress on to new missions. You will also be given a level access password (check your mission de-briefing at the end of the 5mission). You can use this level access password to continue from the same point, the next time you visit the website and play WarZone3-WWII. Simply type in a level unlock password during the level selection screen, and then click that level to begin playing.

Game Controls :

Maneuvering your tank is pretty straightforward, use the arrow keys to steer and drive the tank. Use the 't' and 'e' keys to rotate your gun turret clockwise and counter clockwise respectively. Pressing the 'r' key will cause your gun turret to re-center itself automatically. Use the [space bar] bar to fire your weapon. Your weapon will automatically reload itself after firing a round. Press 'c' to change the camera distance.

Press [Esc] at any time to open the 'Options Menu' (this also pauses the game). Within the Options menu, you can alter the graphic detail (to improve performance on slower machines), toggle the sound on/off, amongst other things.

HUD Display

During gameplay, the bottom half of the screen will display information about your tank (bottom left) and a radar (bottom right). For information about your radar see the section below. The bottom left hand corner of the screen displays information about your tank in the form of power meters. This provides data about your tank's armour (when this reaches zero, your tank will be destroyed and your game will end), your tank's canon (indicates whether your canon is reloading or not, a full bar indicates readyiness to fire), your tank's current speed, as well as the status of any power-ups that may be in effect (if a temporary power-up is in effect, the power bar indicates the time to expiration). Additionally, on some missions, you may be ordered to defend key positions from enemy attack. During these types of missions, a power bar labeled 'objective' will indicate how close that objective is too being destroyed (and thus mission failure).


During combat, you will see a radar panel in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.This will enable you to locate enemies and allys, and navigate around obstacles etc.. Items depicted on the radar screen can be identified by the following scheme :

White Dot
buildings, civilian vehicles, trees etc..
Red Dot
enemy tank
Green Circle friendly tank
Yellow Circle mission objective
Blue 'P'
available 'power up'


Sometimes a destroyed enemy tank will leave behind a power-up. Collecting these power-ups will increase the effectiveness of your tank, and improve your chances of success. Power-ups appear on your radar as a blue 'P' shape, and on the main display as a spinning blue 'P' (bobbing up and down). Collect these power-ups by driving your tank into them. Some power-ups are effective over a limited period of time (a timer appear will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen indicating how long the power-up has before expiring). Below is a brief summary of some of the power-ups you may encounter in the game :

Brief Description
Armour Repair
Instantly repairs some or all of your damaged armour.
Armour Piercing Shells
Temporarily replaces all your ammunition with armour piercing shells. Each of these shots will destroy any target with a single hit, regardless of it's size or armour strength.
Fast Reloads Temporarily makes your canon reload twice as fast, effectively doubling your rate of fire.



If you find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly fire a shot behind you, turning both your tank and your turret simultaneously in the same direction will allow you to aim behind yourself much faster.

Make use of your separately rotatable turret. Rotating your turret perpendicular to your tank's direction will enable you to fire at targets while 'side stepping' their return fire.

Take your target's movement direction and speed into account when aiming shots at them. Particularly for long range targets, aiming towards their direction of movement will increase your chance of a hit.

On some mission you will be required to protect or attack specific targets (other than enemy tanks). Focus all your attention on these objectives.


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