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Help Page

The games on this website are powered by either Java or Flash/Shockwave. If any of the games are not working you should check to see that your browser has the necessary plug-in(s) to run them.


If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, you can check to see if you have Java installed (and enabled) by clicking on 'Tools', 'Internet Options', 'Advanced'. Then scroll down until you find 'Java'. If you don't find 'Java' then you will need to download and install it.

Download Java (Virtual Machine)

If you do find the 'Java' checkbox, make sure that it is checked, as this is required in order to enable it. Users of the Mozilla Firefox browser should click on 'Tools', 'Options', 'Web Features' and check the Java box, in order to enable Java.


To download and install Flash and Shockwave, please click the following links :

Download Flash Player

Download Shockwave Player



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